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Catch Threats Others Miss with X-Ray Vision for Malware

May 11th – 11:00am

Organizations breached by advanced malware are all over the news. Although many security solutions come with some advanced threat detection features already integrated, the resulting protection is often less than optimal and advanced malware still gets into the network. In other words: several technologies in an organization‘s existing security stack can detect malware, but it will be detection based on signatures, heuristics or reputation lookups. Very effective against known threats, but not against previously unknown, advanced threats. That’s where sandboxing technologies get into the play.

Sandboxes close the “unknown” gap in the organization’s security stack; they are able to detect sophisticated malware that has not been seen before and that has been designed to evade other defences.

VMRay offers the most comprehensive and accurate sandboxing solution in the industry.
Our solutions help enterprises and government organizations protect themselves against sophisticated threats, such as Zero-Day malware, evasive malware, and complex targeted attacks.


Dimitris Raekos
Business Development Manager,
VMRay GmbH
Marcelo Printac
VP Business Development Multipoint Group

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Who we are, what we do, and why we are good at it. Not all sandboxes are equal – our radically different approach to sandboxing sets us apart, and our solutions are trusted by many highly security-sensitive organizations around the world.
  • How we enable our customers’ Incident Response and SOC teams to handle the growing volume and diversity of threats with far greater speed and precision.
  • How we integrate into the existing security stack, strengthen the layers that are already in place, and enhance the organization’s capability to protect against advanced threats.

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