360-degree Prevention:

  • Mail
    for on-premise email and cloud email services
  • Web
    Block malware penetration via internet downloads and web content
  • Devices
    Neutralize malicious files located on external drives, memory sticks and mobile phones
  • File Transfer
    Prevent infiltration of malware from files stored on FTP and file servers and digital vaults

Are you using multiple Anti-Malware solutions,
and are still getting breached?

Stop threats at the gateway. Prevent instead of Detect

June 15th – 11:00pm

Join our online Webinar to introduce you
Resec – the gateway solution

ReSec’s multi-engine software solution eliminates all threats at the gateway, enabling safe usage of files arriving from all common threat sources (email, web, removable devices, file transfer vectors) at scale and in real time.

ReSec as a THREAT PREVENTION solution scans and stores original files outside of the organization’s perimeter and delivers the end user a threat-free and fully functional replica of the file in real time.


Abdallah Ibrahim
Middle East Sales Director
Multipoint Group
Assaf Pilo
VP Sales

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