Privileged Access Management. Simplified.

All credentials are not the same.

Privileged accounts are the most vulnerable and the most enticing to cybercriminals. With stolen credentials, bad actors move from system to system within your network until they get what they want, something seen in over 70% of ransomware attacks. 

But don’t forget your end users still need access to privileged accounts to be able to do their jobs efficiently and seamlessly. 

What if you had a way to make privileged credentials inaccessible and unusable to bad actors while still allowing them to be accessible and usable for legitimate users?

Good news…you can!

Free guide to starting the Privileged Access Management (PAM) journey

Conversational Geek’s latest eBook, Conversational Privileged Access Management, breaks down how you can start taking control of your privileged accounts with an interesting and non-technical ‘conversational’ approach.

You’ll learn best practices to define and discover the privileged accounts in your organization’s networks, plus tips on managing credentials and access across your organization.

Get your copy now. 

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