Analyzing the past

Get historical business intelligence, with data analytics in every second and compare with past results

Improve your efficiency

Get a 365 view of your SQL Server instances that will allow you to quickly detect and resolve complex issues

Real-Time Diagnostics

With the real-time dashboard you will know at a glance what is happening and what causes it

Real Time Panel

  • Running processes metrics
  • Focus on the tempDB consumption
  • Parallelisms + Blocking processes
  • Business data indicators
  • Always On status
  • IO
  • Recompilations
  • Open cursors
Database Dashboard
  • Database Consumption
  • Consumption by tables, evolution in rows, Backups
  • DB Visibility by Last capture of Four9s
  • DB Visibility in previous day
  • Database sizes
  • Data and log files
  • Daily growth
  • Calculation of days and projection of necessary space
  • Evolution and Performance of the database
  • You don’t need to be connected to the server when a service degradation occurs to be able to discover the reasons that produced it!.
  • Travel back to any previous system status
Bespoke alerts system
  • Configure your settings to be notified before the things get worse.
  • You can get notifications through e-mail, mobile app or Telegram
  • The sooner you are notified, the sooner you can solve any problems in the database.