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Secure data and reduce PCI DSS audit scope

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Encrypt everything with centralized control

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Secure card, mobile and online payments

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Authenticate sensitive electronic records and code using secure signatures

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Thales e-Security: delivering trust wherever information is created, shared or stored

nShield Solo HSMs

nShield Solo HSMs are low-profile, embedded PCI-Express cards that provide cryptographic services to one or more applications hosted on a single server or appliance. These hardened, tamper-resistant cards perform encryption, digital signing and key generation on behalf of an extensive range of commercial and custom-built applications, including certificate authorities, code signing and more.

The nShield Solo series includes nShield Solo+ and the new high-performance nShield Solo XC, which offers superior asymmetric and symmetric performance and best-in-class elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) transaction rates.

Vormetric Data Security Platform

The Vormetric Data Security Platform makes it easy and efficient to manage data-at-rest security across your entire organization. Built on an extensible infrastructure, the platform features multiple data security products that can be deployed individually or in combination to deliver advanced encryption, tokenization and centralized key management. This data security solution prepares your organization for the next security challenge and new compliance requirement at the lowest TCO.

2017 Thales Data Threat Report